Step 1 - Design

The design process will start with a style selection and choice of materials. The more information you provide,the faster we’ll be able to comply with your wishes. If space and location is in a small area, it is important to mention size restrictions. Country is also important as climate considerations will be taken into account. From there we will make suggestions of woods for columns, flooring and types of roof materials. At this point we will start technical drawings showing scale, sizes, proportions and design details of the finished look. Once all technical drawings have been approved and down payment paid, manufacturing will start.

Step 2 - Manufacturing

All BaliBales products are manufactured using high quality materials. Our choice hardwoods for construction are bengkirai, merbau, teak, and also we use bamboo and coconut wood. For roof choices there is shingles (ironwood,bamboo,bengkirai), thatch, tiles and canvas. For underside roof cladding, there is bamboo rafters with alang alang grass, or hardwood rafters with woven matted panelling of rattan or bamboo. All our woods have been carefully preselected and dried in our own ovens in order to obtain the appropriate moisture content. BaliBales does a quality control inspection regularly making sure all aspects of both quality and design are being followed according to our standards. Once the carpentry is done, the structures are then assembled for inspection and finishing. Our clients may at any stage of the construction ask for visual updates, this we will be very happy to provide.


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