BaliBales will select all woods and materials and carefully inspect that they are of the highest quality whilst a team of expert skilled craftsmen will follow every detail of the technical drawings provided.

All our woods have been carefully preselected and dried in our ovens in order to obtain the appropriate moisture content. Our choice hardwoods for construction are bengkirai, merbau, teak, bamboo, coconut. For roof styles we use ironwood or bamboo shingles, thatch, tiles, canvas. We offer a wide range of underside roof cladding with a varied selection of rattan matting. BaliBales is on site for constant quality control inspection making sure that all aspects of both quality and design are followed to our standards. Once the carpentry is done the structures are assembled with a coding system for knock down assembly. Every garden house is assembled for inspection and finishing and all our products come with a detailed manual for easy and comprehensive reassembly.